Action Women! Community CIC  brings together women from all walks of life so that they can find out about each other, seek and offer support, and inspire collaborations to make all manner of things happen.
Our goal is to support women not only to be successful in their chosen endeavours, but to be inspired and emboldened by a wider network.

Get involved 

Our regular informal networking events are open to all women and we would love to welcome you along. Or get involved with a project.

Our regular networking meetings are open to women from all backgrounds. The women who come along really do come from all walks of life and that’s one of our main aims – to set aside the barriers between the different sectors.

Our members (to be a member, you just have to come along to one event and there’s no membership fee) include women who:

– are artists
– run their own small business
– make their living from network marketing
– work in local government
– are having a career break
– have retired
– work in education
– work for the NHS
– are complimentary therapists
– come along with their daughters
– bring their mothers to our events
– run charities and social enterprises
– work in the corporate world

There are no limits, no qualifications required. If you have an interest in meeting others, want to be inspired, encouraged or supported, or just want to meet local women who may become friends, customers or suppliers, come along to an event and see what you make of it all. We think you’ll have an enjoyable time and will be amazed at how many sparky, thoughtful, enterprising, energetic, interesting, creative, resilient, friendly, encouraging and supportive women there are in our little corner of East Kent!